October 26, 2013

I know I promised I would be better.....

Here are some pics from Tyler's 3rd (I know 3rd!) birthday.  We celebrated a couple of days over the weekend. He had a party at school on his actual birthday and then we celbrated at home on Saturday the 12th.  The bounce house and costumes are from a neighbor's Halloween Party.  The kids had alot of fun! 

June 30, 2013

The New Sciquarium

We went to the new Sciquarium today.  Raining too much this weekend to go to the pool :(.  The kids loved the new additions to the Science Center.  We had a great time!

November 17, 2012

Trick or Treat

I am so far behind!  Here are some pics of the kids for Halloween.  Abby went as a Bride because it was too cold for her Pirate outfit.  Tyler was Elmo and he kept trying to look up at Elmo's face all night which cracked me up!  We went to the Science Center on Tuesday for Boo Bash and then around the neighborhood on Wed.  Abby's bucket broke a few houses in - so Tyler held onto it in the stroller for her while she put his to good use.

October 14, 2012

Officially Fall!

Busy weekend here in NC!  Tyler got to hang out with Mommy at home on Friday.  Apparently, hanging at home to Tyler means to strip down to your diaper and wear Mommy's sweater for a bit - then sit on the furniture & color during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Saturday we headed to a Fall Festival fundraiser in Kernersville.  The kids had a blast!  We got to bring out the Halloween costumes a bit early and to some practice trick-or-treating.  My Pirate Izzy and Batman looked too cute! We also got to bounce & slide (Tyler is learning the art of the bounce thing).  We met the Chick-Fil-A cow from a comfortable toddler distance, met some firemen with a cool truck, & Abby got her face, hair, & nails painted while hanging with her BFF Sydney.
We came home and Tyler took a great nap - Abby not so much.  However, I left them in the kitchen together during snack time and apparently they still weren't sick of each other.  I found them sitting on the same chair sharing Abby's chocolate milk.  This picture may just be a keeper and the best one of the whole weekend!

October 12, 2012

Tyler turns 2

Tyler turned 2 on October 11.  We just had a little family "party" at home.  We all sang Happy Birthday to him in the morning and then he & Abby went to school, Paul to work and me to bed (I had worked all night).
I dropped off Cars cupcakes at daycare with some Cars napkins and plates.  (He is Cars OBSESSED at the moment)
When he got home we opened presents and then attempted to go out to dinner.  He got some books that make noises from Mommy & Daddy and Abby got him some Cars matchbox size and a carrying case.  As we tried to pack the cars back into the case he started crying.  Apparently he thought if they went in the case they were GONE FOREVER!  After some intervention - we were able to go out to dinner. We went to BRAVO! which was awesome.  Tyler ate an entire bowl of fruit and some chicken and since we had his books with us it was a great dinner.  He also sat in a booster for the first time in a restaurant - the highchair has always been better at containing him :)
After dinner we had some cupcakes and tried to teach Tyler how to blow out the candles- took a few tries but he finally gave a good try.
Happy Birthday my sweet, loud, very outgoing, fearless baby boy!